Out Strikes Out, Again
WARNING: hold your nose while reading—- “We’ve selected 100 of the most datable guys in the United States, and want to know your favorite

While it may seem like most every cute guy is shacking up (or getting hitched) these days, there’s still plenty of gay men who aren’t taken. So who will it be? A fashion designer? An artist? A musician? Or do you just want to marry for money? We have it all!

That’s right, it’s the “Third Annual Most Eligible Bachelors” list. We’ve scoured the country—and even a few foreign locales—and come up with a list of names of the guys that are desirable for their talent, their good looks, their money, and their… charm. Check it out and vote for who your favorites are, and we’ll present the winners next month.

Not only will you see familiar names (see last year’s Top 10 favorites here) but you might also see the names of a few who aren’t yet on your radar. And in case you want to make a move, we’ve even provided handy links to some of their Facebook pages and other social media. Any questions or comments, of course we want to know what you think. And vote as many times as you want.”

Homo: Where do they get this crap? Oh yeah, their big brothers in the straight lame stream media. The message: ‘We are like you in every detail, Normals, almost perfect replicants of your fertile selves. Look, we cede to your ways and go on “dates” with milk shakes and hamburgers. Your courtship is superior to our primitive ways, we never want to go back into the dark forest of the closet, teach us, Humans how to Love like you!’

Dateable, what an fugly word on all levels. Homos, if you ever go on a date, nevermind with this lot, but any date whatsoever, you’ll be excommunicated in a very unpleasant (but beautifully choreographed) ceremony. 

You think it’s that they are desperate and have nothing better to write about? It’s not that—- the zombification process is their goal. These seemingly empty headed party queens have an agenda: they want your fucked up homo brain to be reprogrammed. Resist today: suck some cock you’ll never see again. 


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