Think of the Trannies!

From Towleroad:

"There’s no question that there’s a cult of masculinity among many gay men, one that encourages us to hit the gym, flex our muscles and "fit in" with a larger male culture that wants us to be Superman, instead of super slim. But does that culture also impact our politics? 

Activist Richard Lyon seems to think so. From his most recent piece at Huffington Post:

From an effort to counter the notion that all gay men are effeminate, they have moved toward the position that all gay men should present an image of red-blooded American masculinity. The drive toward becoming respectable leaves no room for the presence of gay men who are less than fully and thoroughly butch.
We see a good bit of political conflict about the inclusion of the transgender community under the LGBT/queer tent. Self-declared gay pundits like Dan Savage and John Aravosis have, on repeated occasions, questioned the desirability of a close alliance between the two groups. To my mind it is not just a clear-cut issue of trans vs. gay. There seems to be a notion that the all-new and improved gay image will be devalued by association with anyone who doesn’t conform to the masculinity specification. This includes gay men who fail to measure up on the butch index.

Homo 1: Do we really need to talk about this? I’m looking at some hot adorkable porn right now (see guy in picture above for sample). 

Homo 2: Yes, it’s actually kinda interesting… 

Homo 1: Sigh, it’s just litany of victimology rattles on and on… it’s the same as “think of the children!” their version is “think of the trannies”. Mind you I love Justin Bond, but…

Homo 2:… and important

Homo 1: What are you wearing? That sexy hoodie? 


Homo 1: ANYWAY. Okay. Here goes: a few questions for Lyon and Towle: what is this “alliance” between the “Tranny” section of the Gay Circus Tent and the “Butch” section? When was this tribal treaty signed? (We have no record on our files.) Are all “butch gays” clones? News to us. Are all trannies original, sainted and put upon activists for gay rights? Is the inner turmoil of the “masculine” gay kid less than an effeminite one, and how has this been quantified or qualified? If gender is a performance based on certain tendencies, how is being a tranny-martyr a more priviledged position that being a “red blooded American butt pirate”?

Face it: transfolk are being used by the “big gay ALliance” in the same way the Christian Church used martyrs to promote its cause: to browbeat sympathy out of otherwise indifferent or hostile groups and individuals. 

What is really at issue here for us is that so-called masculine gay men threaten the gender hierarchy more than transsexuals. Transfolk are easier to label and dismiss, whereas manly bum-perverts are a stealthy lot, running amok in difficult to detect drag: this is true subversion if taken up “our way”, confusing to straight women, panic-making to straight men, detrimental to the liberationist settlement and its soupy culture. Masculine bum fucking freaks most people out, including, Saint Paul, Freud and Anita… and that’s how we bring it! It’s the homo version of pride. 

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