HOMO is about intelligent and radical inquiry into living as a pervy homosexual today. We tend toward dissent, provocation, revolt and secession from mainstream fag life. Our inspiration is drawn from the aesthetics, politics and ideas manifest in the Castro and the Village in mid ‘70s.

On a deeper and more perennial level, we claim a lineage from Whitman, Gide, Auden, Genet, Pasolini, Ginsberg, Warhol, Fassbinder, Gunn, Mapplethorpe, Waters, White, Wojnarowicz, and Cooper. We wish HOMO to be the visual memoir of our small festive rebellion, so read and submit your homophile images and ideas. Vintage, hairy, pervy, experimental, provocative, or (just plain) hot get our attention.

It’s our ambition to become the digital “bathroom stall” where you come for sex, graffiti and intelligence.

HOMO Online contains heaps of male nudity and man on man sex. If you are offended by this or under 18, please move on. Most of the images here were discovered on the Internet. We lay no claim to them unless we indicate otherwise, in which case they fall under Creative Commons License. If you own/are in any picture and wish to have it removed, please email us. You will need to provide the URL.